Collect the flames to win. Avoid the rain clouds. Keyboard controls.


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I just changed the difficulty. 


I would like to see a difficulty ramp added to this game, but I love the color scheme.

It is a bit to easy now, add more enemies and make it possible to fire to all directions and not only to the left.  Also, instructions are not clear enough, I figured out that I could fire by chance...

Increase the difficulty -- spawn more rain clouds! And to make the rain clouds more challenging, what about adding sine-like movement vertically in addition to the straight-line bullet movement?

Maybe change the firing controls, like in the spell shooter game, click the mouse and then shoot the fire in the direction of the mouse.

For aesthetics, maybe add a value-based animation to the colored raindrops -- Sine behavior, set to change Size (Magnitude 10, Period 2, for example).

I would like to keep the fire control the same since the clouds only go left to right. I added in some fixes such as making the game more difficult and I added a sine movement.

cloud fade still kill after being hit by fire

A bit easy to dodge, any have the fire spit in all directions instead of only to the left.

Make an instructions menu.